Putting yips - tips for curing your yips.

I am very happy to say that I have never suffered from the 'putting yips'! If you are reading this page, you are either wanting a cure for yourself or for one of your golfing buddies.

Well, what exactly is the yips? It is when a player's right hand develops a mind of its own and behaves in an erratic and jerky way at the impact point of the putt.

The only way to cure the yips, is to find a way to eliminate the hinging of the right hand during the putting stroke. See below four helpful tips, which you can experiment with to cure the yips.

1. Grip the putter with your left hand below the right

putting yips

a) Grip the putter so your left hand is below your right hand and make sure that your left hand grip is firmer than your right hand grip.

b) Now focus on having your left hand and arm totally in control of your stroke - your right hand should feel as if it is simply going along with the stroke, but not having 'any say' in it.

2. Use 'The Langer grip'

putting yips

a) With your left hand down the grip in an orthodox manner, clasp you left forearm with the fingers of your right hand.

b) When using this grip, the right hand is taken out of the stroke and all wrist action is eliminated.

This method is very effective for short range putts.

3. Use 'The Claw grip'

putting yips

a) Grip the putter with your left hand above your right.

b) Now add your right hand, gripping it between the thumb and index finger of your right hand.

This 'Claw Grip' will encourage the right hand to 'push' through the stroke as opposed to hinging the putterhead through the stroke.

4. Putt left handed

A number of professionals and amateurs have been successful in curing their putting yips, by learning to putt left-handed. If all else fails, give it a go!

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