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Tired of playing terrible golf year after year? Are you a beginner, looking for great free golf tips? If you can answer yes to one of these questions, you have come to the right place.

I have been playing golf for over 15 years and am a more passionate golfer now, than ever before. When I started playing, all I wanted to do, was to step onto the golf course with a 'grip it and rip it' attitude - I wanted to play great golf, but was not willing to spend any time practicing. Needless to say, I did not produce any great rounds with this attitude!

I soon realized, that the only way to play great golf, is to learn and practice the correct fundamentals, as well as nurturing a strong mental game. Since then, I have read countless golf books, watched tons of instruction videos, and observed some of the greatest players. Studying the game of golf, and always finding new tips and techniques for improving my game, has become a real passion of mine.

The free golf tips throughout this site, have helped me play great golf consistently and they can do the same for you. There are tips to improve your swing, help you drive better, improve your shortgame, improve your mental approach and much more!

The golf lessons and instruction sections, contain excellent content for a better swing and overall game improvement. Don’t miss out on the ‘drills and exercises’, ‘club buying tips’, and ‘how to break 80’ sections! There is also a section with tips for all beginners just starting out with this wonderful game.

As I am a right-handed golfer, all tips are explained from a right-handed player's playing position.

Enjoy - here’s to lower golf scores!

Yours in golf,


On the 1st tee at St. Andrews Old Course - The home of golf.

On the famous Swilken Bridge after my tee shot on the 18th.

Table of Contents:

Improve golf swing - excellent tips
Improve golf swing - free tips for building a solid swing.
Golf tips for driving better
Want free golf tips for driving better? Look no further.
Golf short game tips to improve your score
These stunning golf short game tips will really sharpen your game and lower your scores.
Great golf bunker tips making sand play easy
Try these golf bunker tips and escape from the sand every time.
Putting tips to boost your confidence on the greens
These effective putting tips will help you putt better consistently.
Free online golf lessons
Free online golf lessons - build a swing with sound fundamentals.
Free golf instruction for playing better golf
Free golf instruction - great tips to improve your game.
Great free golf drills and exercises
These helpful golf drills and exercises will help you get into good shape for playing great golf.
More great online golf tips
Take advantage of more free online golf tips and improve your game.
Free golf tips for beginners
These invaluable golf tips for beginners will teach you the fundamentals right from the start.
Learn how to break 80 for free
Stunning tips and guidance on how to break 80.
Golf Equipment Tips
Great golf equipment tips to get you off to a great start!
Tips on buying golf clubs
These great tips on buying golf clubs, will help you choose the set which is right for you.
Play peak performance golf
Peak performance golf with a great golf mind.
Great Ladies Golf Gifts
Ladies Golf Gifts - great gifts at great prices!
Great golf books you will love
These great golf books will truly inspire you to reach new heights on your own golf journey!
Child Golf Lesson
Best child golf lesson ever!
Golf bloggers - anything golf-related
Golf bloggers - anything golf-related. Read these interesting blogs and make yourself heard!
Golf terminology explained
All major golf terminology definitions explained here.
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